By Bao Ong of Time Out NYC.

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“July 2020: As New York restaurants open their doors, we can’t help but reflect on how much has changed for the hospitality industry during the course of the current crisis. We have mixed feelings about jumping back into full-service restaurant experiences—whether it’s dining outdoors or indoors when that’s allowed (remember those days?).
For those of us choosing to dine out, it also comes at a time when the restaurant industry is re-examining how to create a more equitable workplace, from fairly paying employees to ensuring the safety of its employees. But we realize that many of you, dear readers, will nevertheless be choosing to support your local spots and want guidance of who is doing what right now.


48. Tzarevna
Restaurants Russian Lower East Side

What is it? A restaurant serving excellent “New Russian” cuisine with beef stroganoff served with pomme purée instead of noodles and a crab version of khachapuri.

Why go? Tzarevna has no vodka bottles; instead, Georgian wines are the thing here. That same fresh approach gives a nuanced perspective on Russian cuisine, inspired by Georgian, Ukranian and Uzbeki cooking.”


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