First time to try a restaurant, it is a must that you go over the drink menu. Restaurants nowadays not only introduce themselves through food but also drink. It is also a good way of getting completely acquainted with the restaurant’s vibe, taste and, impression. Restaurants nowadays present specialty cocktails that can easily get the mundane out of the way. Wine and Beer Selection choices that would be next to impossible to get at your local liquor store. A wide tea selection for the non-alcohol drinkers should not be an option. Tzarevna’s drink menu is something to look at. Let us go over Tzarevna’s cocktail, beer and, tea drinks.

Tzarevna’s cocktail selection takes the cake for ingenuity. All five cocktails are very inviting. Different Liqueurs mixed for that quirky drink. An eclectic mix of ingredients brings about an inventive cocktail drink that is only made available here. Their Molotov cocktail is creative as it uses a horseradish liqueur with jalapeno and salt. If you would like to go for the sweet and fruity, try the citrus drop. Citrus drop’s amber wine should be a welcome delight from the ordinary wine we have added in cocktails. If you have a sweet tooth and want that new chocolate experience, give the Cherry Bomb a try. Tzarevna’s Cherry Bomb has xocolatl, giving us a foretaste of Aztec chocolates. Their Pirr Royal and Tzarevna Spritz both have prosecco but are two different drinks altogether. Pirr Royal has chamomile tea, elderflower and, berries. How relaxing can a drink get? Tzarevna Spritz, on the other hand, takes the sharp flavor route with the use of amaro.

Sometimes, it’s not only about the cocktails but we also need to engage the beer drinkers. You can get cheering for that with Tzarevna’s Beer Selection. On the tap are relatively not so easy to find Beers. We have four different beers specifically sourced throughout the US for their unique taste. Newburgh Brown Ale is available where we get introduced to a sweet beer flavor that is described as malty-sweet with gentle hints of chocolate and toffee. Two roads Pilsner is also available on tap which boasts of its refined crisp refreshing taste. For a lager, Cigar City will represent as it brings forth its version of a crisp, dry and flavorful lager. The highest beer alcohol content on tap beer selection in Tzarevna belongs to Anti-Hero IPA coming in at 6.7% alcohol by volume. This drink boasts of a sweet fruity smell with subtle notes of pine which is an IPA signature.

To top the list off, should we have guests who don’t fancy alcoholic drinks, Tea is made available. Tzarevna’s tea selection can easily give other restaurants a run for their money. There are seven choices to choose from the classic favorites to the different. Dao Ren Tea is offered which is tea from Zhejiang province of China. For those who love Japanese green tea, Houjicha Tea is on the tea menu.
Going over restaurants online can whet your appetite. Look through the drink menu too. The next time you dine out, try not to skip on the drinks if possible. Make those taste buds go to work and don’t forget to wet your whistles on your visit to Tzarevna.

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